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Algo 8180 IP Paging and SIP Loud Ringer Audio Alerter Big

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The Algo 8180 is a SIP compliant PoE wall mounted loud speaker designed for Voice over IP (VoIP) paging, IP loud ringing, and emergency/safety/security notification and alerting. The Algo 8180 features a built-in amplifier. Common application environments include: classroom, factory (e.g., OSHA), warehouse, utility plant, machine shop, garage, lunch room, kitchen, etc. The Algo 8180 operates independently so no phone is required for loud ring applications. IP Paging (intercom) is configurable as one-way audio or duplex; two way audio via the built-in microphone. The graphical web interface allows independent volume adjustment for paging, loud ringer and alerts. The 8180 registers as a third party SIP endpoint with all leading premise or hosted UC providers and supports single and multiple devices per installation. Any number and combination of Algo SIP speakers, SIP paging adapters and SIP strobes can be used via built-in multicast for more comprehensive large scale enterprise or campus deployments. Multicast page capability provides zoned paging via remote DTMF keypress selection. The Algo 8180 also supports RTP multicast, Polycom Group Page, and Syn-Apps SA Announce. Requires Power over Ethernet. If PoE is not available, use a PoE Injector. Does not support direct power connection – PoE Only. See manufacturer’s website for specifications, new features, and required firmware updates. Web-based programming UI or supports remote provisioning. A basic understanding of computer networking and Voice over IP experience is highly recommended.

Some Key Feature of Algo 8180 IP Paging and SIP Loud Ringer Audio Alerter :

  • Network managed SIP endpoint
  • Dual purpose loud ringing and/or talkback voice paging
  • Significantly louder (eight to twenty times) than typical telephones
  • SoundSureTM ambient noise compensation adjusts output for noise level
  • Multicasting capability for wide area notification
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